Andy Butterfield

Andy Butterfield

An experienced shiatsu therapist and mindfulness teacher, Andy integrates his knowledge of anatomy, meridian energetics and meditation with flowing hatha vinyasa yoga. His aim is to help you inhabit your body and indeed your life, more fully, relaxing into it with deeper compassion, appreciation and contentment.

He encourages his students to turn more lovingly towards their physical bodies, to give thanks for all that the body is able to do. He cultivates within his classes an attitude of loving kindness, gratitude and wonder as students are led through a soulful and meaningful practice.

Breath is also central in Andy's offering. He teaches that it is the most powerful tool to nourish, enliven and restore. In class, he repeatedly invites students back to its flow and its fullness. This way we come to dwell in the present moment and begin to understand that in this space, we receive everything we need, effortlessly. As we move and open and stretch our bodies, breath and energy (prana) expand to fill the new spaces opening up. 

Sometimes his classes focus on this creation of space, softening what is stuck and restoring and resourcing us from the inside. Other times, we work hard with strengthening and empowering practices to burn off what isn't serving us and feel the joy in offering more than we thought we could. Partner work is also woven in at times, allowing us to experience that with assistance, support and encouragement we can all move more easily towards the goal of self knowledge and self love.

Throughout his bodywork and teaching career, Andy has worked along the whole spectrum of ability and is passionate about the creation of an attentive, safe and transformative space. 

Andy understands bodywork, yoga and meditation to be key resources in building better health, a brighter experience of life and ultimately total peace and happiness. “I believe that we are already in possession of everything we need to be truly happy and fulfilled in our lives and that we just need to find the ways that help us to see, know and deeply experience this.”

"Meditation is the practice of quietening the mind and so uncovering inner peace. I teach easy to learn, practical and down to earth techniques to help students experience the many benefits of this time-honoured practice. With yoga, I work to help students to connect to and increase their strength, flexibility and vitality and feel more at home and more at ease in their bodies. For me, the yoga mat it is the path towards true and total freedom, the path home."

He has journeyed through various styles including vinyasa, anusara, dru, vini, kundalini and kriya yog and folds their elements into his practice and teaching along with his experience in shiatsu and meditation.

Andy teaches clothed and naked classes, workshops and retreats in London, Brighton and overseas.

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