Naomi Absalom

Naomi Absalom

Naomi's classes are a potent celebration of the flow of life – an intelligently creative and playful alignment based vinyasa where laughter, joy, love, humility and gratitude are all key elements. 

Handstand lover, music mad and mama to the most beautiful boy Gabriel, Naomi has been practicing yoga for over seventeen years and teaching worldwide for the past eight.  After a successful ten-year career in the music industry, Naomi travelled to India for six months of Ashram dwelling and yoga teacher training. Following long stints in Mysore & Kerala, she then spent five months in the mountains of Canada training other teachers to certified and advanced levels.

Inspired by the power of community and group energy, Naomi's aim is always to create a safe and nurturing group dynamic where each individual feels supported, valued and part of something much greater than themselves. “When I teach I try to become as open as possible to whoever and whatever is in the room at that moment so that I am part of that energy and always listening and responding to it. I teach only what I practice and spend a great deal of time trying to find ways of communicating any transformational process I may have experienced - be it physical, emotional or otherwise - to those who attend my classes." 

Naomi is a great advocate of the theory and practice of 'off the mat and into the world'; her great passion is mentoring other teachers so that they may reach their full potential. She leads workshops and retreats worldwide as well as teacher trainings. 

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