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A. McCrickern 04/11/2013
From time to time we all do things that changes our lives, and I think I can include Huzur Vadisi and ... [More]

Cherry Lloyd-Jones 02/11/2013
Many thanks for the photos, just great you really captured the essence of Italy. I really enjoyed my ... [More]

Melanie Lutz 02/11/2013
Always, really always, I left the classes with a smile on my face. Thank you so much for this celebration ... [More]

Paula Ring 01/11/2013
Jim is a truly gifted teacher. I have learned more this week than in years of doing yoga in the UK. And ... [More]

Lisa 26/10/2013
I booked on the Morocco holiday having never been on a yoga retreat before and now I want to go on all ... [More]

Dr Rita Das 13/10/2013
A hugely enriching week- we were literally in the (heavenly) clouds- only with the luxuries of a pool, ... [More]

Mark Lysyshyn 01/07/2013
Jim is pretty special. I think he is more than a yoga teacher. I see the world differently because of ... [More]

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