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Lauren @ the Gibbs + macroid 06/03/2011
"Can we have some more Disco moves - I promise to bring Robin. Oh and sort those mosies out!!! But apart ... [More]

Donna Fullman 22/02/2011
"Jim's approach to teaching yoga is founded in compassion. He has a rare gift of bringing the spiritual, ... [More]

Denise 16/01/2011
Charlotte is a brilliant yoga teacher. She is very knowledgeable about how to restore the body's balance, ... [More]

Merrily Ross 17/11/2010
"After my second yoga trip with Jim I must say they get better and better. I only wish I lived in Brighton ... [More]

Irene Marot 22/10/2010
"I wouldn't have missed the 'Dahab experience' for the world........ The yoga was expected - and how ... [More]

Sophie Webb 12/10/2010
"If I could describe the perfect holiday it would be meeting new people that make you feel a million ... [More]

Fiona 20/09/2010
"I came on the yoga trip feeling quite scared that 4 hours of yoga a day would be too strenuous - the ... [More]

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