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Mimi Spencer 17/08/2015
Mimi Spencer, author The Fast Diet (5:2) "I've been doing yoga with Jim for years now, so a week with ... [More]

Nolly Martin 12/06/2015
This was my first yoga retreat so I was initially a little anxious. However, Jim and Jo made us all ... [More]

Alli Campbell 29/05/2015
The yoga retreat at Locando del Gallo was excellent, enjoyed very much meeting Jim and Jo and many new ... [More]

Dr Rita Das 16/04/2015
Really well organised trip. The location is beautiful - in the Umbrian hills, the rooms are stylish and ... [More]

Natasha Dahlberg 27/02/2015
This was the trip of a lifetime! Yoga Explorers retreat at Yogamagic in Goa is not to be missed. Gorgeous ... [More]

Andrea Lucchetti 20/01/2015
Andrea Luccheti, chiropractor: I am finding it hard to explain my experiences on the recent 10 day Yoga ... [More]

(Dr) Alice Eldrige 10/11/2014
"Quite simply brilliant. Better than good wine. Jim is the most genuine, light-heart and profound teacher ... [More]

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